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At least my intentions were good…

I had such big, beautiful plans for a picture update for yesterday. I was supposed to throw up a post highlighting my awesome finds at Goodwill and some of what I’ve started for fall decorating in and around House233… but then life (in the form of being recruited to help paint the entire building my church uses over the last 3 days) happened.


I’ll try not to make promises that can’t be kept, but with a weekend starting in, like, 6 hours (yeah!), there’s a good chance that somewhere in the next couple of days I’ll have pictures going.

Have an amazing weekend! I know I will: Gavin-boy’s learning to stand on his own!


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Changing things up

My thermometer read that today reached a high of 94 degrees. Hardly fall weather, but the calendar doesn’t lie. Today has been busy going to thrift stores and redecorating House233 for fall. Pictures tomorrow!

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Sheer Bliss

It only happens every so often… in fact, it comes around on such rare occasion that I find myself daydreaming about the next time everything lines up just so and I find myself in the midst of near-perfection.

I’m talking about the moment in time when my baby is asleep, my husband is out of the house, I have absolutely nothing (no laundry, no chores, no cooking, nothing) waiting for me to get to, and my Google Reader is chock full of bloggy goodness.

There are only a few other things in life that can compare to the wonder that this one is.


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All… on?

I am admittedly over-thinking this, but I’ll present my thoughts anyway. Take a look at the picture below:


It’s a pretty enough room, right? But… does that rug look a little misplaced? I know it’s just a catalogue photo and that people don’t actually live in this space, but still, that rug is in an odd place*.

Random question of the moment: are you an all feet of the couch on the rug person or do you roll with the two feet on, two feet off crowd? Or do you even belong with the group that thinks that floating is the way to go? Personally, I currently sport the two feet on, two feet off look but one day I hope to come across a big beauty of a rug that can anchor all the seating in my living room. But that’s just me…

*No offense to any PB designers out there. Please don’t try to come and find me… unless you want to give me something. Say, a Pearce sectional couch?


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It’s the little things

I love to read. I used to read a lot more than I do now, but you know, having a baby changes some everything. Sadly, my reading has been relegated to the few pages I can squeeze in before drifting off to bed, but that hasn’t changed my library habits: I still check out 4-6 books at a time.

Do I get through all of them in the allotted check-out time?

Ha. No. And then I have to deal with feeling like a reading failure when I take back the ones I didn’t even crack. It feels like I’ve been keeping the books from fulfilling their true destinies*!

On a recent trip, I talked to the person checking me out and told her about my dilemna (I’m an overshare-er. Sue me.). Do you know what she told me? She said that I can renew my due dates on the internet! From my home! As in, no going to the branch just do renew! Is this news only to me? Whatever. I was doing the happy dance outta there.

I just renewed a book that I haven’t even cracked because I’m still ever so s.l.o.w.l.y making my way through (the lovely!) ‘Tis. The happiness I have knowing I don’t have to take back a book that I haven’t read yet is astonishing. Sometimes, it’s all about the little things.

*Ten points if you can name the show from where I got that line. Clue: change ‘books’ to ‘Christmas trees’.


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We currently live in a house that features an extremely open floor plan. (Read: you can see everything in the kitchen, dining, and living room all from the front door. ) While that kind of floor plan is convenient for being able to keep an eye on my almost-toddler while I’m getting things done in the main part of the house, it does precious little to delineate spaces and their actual functions from the others and is an absolute nightmare at keeping clutter at bay.

I am not friendly with clutter. I hate it. Are you starting to see my dilemna?

Up until now, I’ve been happy to use our good-sized third bedroom as a guest room. I mean, that makes sense, right? The extra bedroom turns into the guest room. Maybe, but having a guest bedroom absolutely doesn’t fit our lifestyle. Since we live in the same town as my in-laws, we’ve played host to out-of-town guests exactly 4 times in 3 years. It basically sits empty the majority of the year. People, we are wasting perfectly good square footage! Suddenly, the thought of turning that room into a den/playroom is looking pretty good to me.

I think I’m still having to do more convincing when it comes to B, but I think I’ll win. I’ve got the ultimate bribe up my sleeves: letting him install the surround system he wants. I can’t lose. Besides, happy wife = happy life. And heaven knows, having all that entertainment clutter and all of those toys (and we have ever so many!) out of my living room certainly would contribute to that!

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Today, I went on a walk that turned into a 6 mile hike. Of course, since I was only expecting it to be a quick walk to see a waterfall, I did not think it necessary to wear my beloved pink Nike Shox.


I suppose it could be worse, though: I could’ve been my friend Sara who spent the afternoon with her 14 month old daughter in her Ergo carrier strapped to her (Sara’s) back.

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