Minesweeper Cheerios

My son loves him some Honey Nut Cheerios.

Like, luuurves them.

He also really enjoys emptying little snack baggies (that I so lovingly prepare) of them all over the floor so he can see just what he’s working with.

I can’t tell you what his reasoning is, but every 10th Cheerio or so that gets put in his mouth gets spit right back out. It’s these little soggy delights that make cleaning up after him so much fun.

When I pick them up, it usually goes: normal Cheerio, normal Cheerio, soggy gross Cheerio (!!!), normal Cheerio. And so on.

Sure this might not seem like a big deal, but have you ever handled a soggy cold Cheerio when you’re not expecting it? Gross.

I swear, it’s like Minesweeper, but for moms.


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