Never say never

Before I had Gavin, I always said I would never be one of those “spit mommies.” You know the kind: they’re the ones in the mall who spot some dirt on their kid’s cheek and lick a finger and swipe that spot right off. Gross, right? Yeah, that’s what I said, too.

Fast forward to 16 months after giving birth and I am here to tell you that I liberally exercise my “right to spit.”

Dirt on his cheek? I just swipe that sucker off (Come on, folks, we covered this!).
Paci on the gound? If you’re weak stomached, you might not want to know that I’ve put it in my mouth to clean in off. Just sayin’.
Stubborn cowlick? Lick three fingers, swipe vigorously at his head, and we’re good to go!

PS: I know, they make wipes for this stuff, but who has time to root around in a giant bag when your kid is screaming for his dropped paci?

PPS: Don’t act all bajiggity about this! If you have a crawler who also likes to put his/her hands in your mouth, the gross factor is pretty much the same thing!


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