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Over the past few weeks, my husband’s been working on a series in youth group called ‘Sex Ed’. We haven’t been talking about your standard school-nurse-in-junior-high-birds-and-the-bees stuff, but rather on sex and God’s original plan for it and how that contradicts with what students are being taught by society and media.

We do a series like this every year and to round things up, we split up the guys and girls into groups according to their grades (jr and sr high school) so that we can do a small group roundtable-like talk.

Tonight I get to talk with senior high school girls and it would be such an understatement to say that I’m feeling nervous.

I always get like this right before the nights in youth group that I know are going to be big ones. Let’s face it, what students are seeing these days isn’t always exactly godly. Or designed to honor girls. I feel such responsibility for what the girls are going to hear from me and I also feel responsible to make sure that I’m being aware of each individual girl and how they’re responding to what we’re talking about. Let’s be real, not every girl has the same story and experiences. The last thing I want out of this is for a student to leave feeling condemned, or worse, like they’re less than good enough.

And yet, my desire for these girls to realize just how precious they are and how amazingly God designed sex and marriage isn’t something I want to be missed, either.

I think my apprehension comes from feeling like I can’t always relate to some students. I had the opportunity to grow up in a God-loving house. When I married my youth pastor husband, my very young, starry-eyed idealistic self thought I could handle whatever life in church ministry would throw our way.

(Er. Notsomuch. The things I wish I could go back and tell my younger-fresh-out-of-christian-college-newly-engaged-self. But those are stories for another time.)

Have you ever felt so responsible for something? I so desire that tonight go the way God wants it to. My words are so limited and as much as I try to prepare, how prepared can you really be when you’re talking about sex to girls from all walks of life?



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