If money grew on trees…

…I’d totally spring for some of these

(Cornball rhyme, totally intended)

AeroPress Coffee Maker

Okay, this item isn’t exactly “big money”, but since there’s nothing wrong with my drip coffee maker, my no fun! ever practical husband is making me wait on this. (Honey! It only makes THE! BEST! coffee I’ve ever had! Sigh.)

UPDATE 2/17/10: Guess what was all wrapped up and waiting for me on my birthday? Thanks, husband!


Nikon D90

Totally self-explanatory. I recently borrowed a friend’s and it is love-ity, love, love, love. Brings out my inner 6-year old: Dear Santa, I promise I’ll be good…


Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven

Admittedly, I don’t need the one from Williams Sonoma that costs $260, but since it’s my wishlist on my blog, let’s just roll with that one, okay? Besides, I’m pretty sure that the Le Creuset one is the one Ina Garten uses and anything the Barefoot Contessa uses is good enough for me. All I need is the pocketbook to match, and we’re set! (In real life, I’ll gladly take any old Dutch oven, especially since I don’t currently have one!)


Peep Toe Patent Pumps in Nude

Sigh. These are, like, the Holy Grail of shoes this spring and all I’m asking for is a pair that doesn’t cost $335 like these beauts from Marc Jacobs do.


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